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Media in Northwest Territories

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This is a work in progress, with mostly newspapers right now. Lots more to add.


Fort Liard

Fort Simpson

Hay River



Media Organizations

Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association
3228 Parsons Rd
Edmonton AB   T6N 1M2
780-434-8746 or 1-800-282-6903
Fax: 780-438-8356

National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada
Toronto City Hall Press Gallery
100 Queen St W
Toronto ON   M5H 2N2
416-921-8926 or 416-921-4229
Fax: 416-921-0723

Newspapers Canada
A Joint Initiative of the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association
200 - 890 Yonge St
Toronto ON   M4W 3P4
416-923-3567 or 1-877-305-2262
Fax: 416-923-7206
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